Animal Feed

Animal Feed:

The livestock sector (poultry, cattle, and aquaculture) plays an essential role in world economy and food security. On a global basis, animal products provide humankind with 17% of the food energy and more than 35% of dietary protein.

The field of animal nutrition continues to rank among the fastest growing market segments in the world food industry. About one thousand million tons of animal feed are annually produced globally but unfortunately, animals consume more than one-third of the global cereals. Therefore it became a must to seek for alternative resources of animal feed to reduce the growing pressure on human food.

It has been found that many algal species and a variety of agro-waste products contain compounds, other than nutrients, which positively influence the digestion and metabolism of the feed. Hence, the trials are continuous to explore new algae as potential feed stuffs in terms of nutritive values and economic feasibility.

In general, animal feeds are formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of the target animal (e.g. Farm animals, Poultries, Fishes, etc...), covering the needs with avoiding excess supply of nutrients. It is quite common to formulate feeds in such a way that meets ideally the needs and biological responses of a particular animal under particular conditions. The basic nutrients to consider for breeding animals are water, energy, protein, minerals and vitamins.


R&D Centre and Animal Feed (EGP; Patent No. 2008050-846- pending).

It has been proved by that some of the investigated algae, plants, and agriculture by-products are excellent natural organic candidates for animal feed industry. The chemical analysis of these materials revealed that all are rich in carbohydrates, protein, and contain considerable amounts of lipids (ether extract fraction). Some of them are exceptionally rich in vitamin E and others are precious sources of a wide variety of antioxidants particularly β- carotenes

R&D centre has developed novels formulations of totally organic animal feed. The company PetrOtech-ffn, Egypt has already started a batch scale production of these formulations and an industrial installation is currently constructed in Suez, Egypt. Intensive investigations are focused on elucidating the significance of PetrOtech new feed formulas based on weight gain and health of the test animals in addition to the economic feasibility of production of feed stuffs. The photos below show some potential feedstock of PetrOtech formulas of animal feed.