Company Background

Since 2004, the potentialities of microalgae as a renewable feedstock of biodiesel and bioethanol production have attracted the attention of PetrOtech company. The reliability of some plants, particularly Jatropha as a potential resource of biodiesel has also received a major concern.

In January 2006, PetrOtech-ffn, LLC was founded in Hyannis, Massachusetts, USA and in February 2007, was incorporated. In August 2006, PetrOtech-ffn, Egypt (“PetrOtech Egypt”), a wholly owned subsidiary, was started. Construction of the biodiesel feedstock facility began in June 2007 in the Private Free Trade Zone area in the Suez, Egypt to develop algae oil as a biodiesel feedstock as well as a source of animal feed for cattle, poultry and fish. PetrOtech-ffn Egypt is one of the first companies to build, own and manage a large scale algae farm (biodiesel feedstock and animal feed facility) in the Mediterranean Region.

In July 2006, PetrOtech acquired Mojo Werken, Maine corporation, in order to utilize its fuel licenses and registrations for Federal Excise Taxes under IRC § 4041. As a registered and licensed entity, it is anticipated that Mojo Werken will engage in petroleum acquisition, sales and distribution and in blending biodiesel with petroleum and bunker fuel. It will do this in the United States and possibly in Egypt as well as Mali.

In August 2007 PetrOtech-ffn, Agro-Mali (“PetrOtech Mali”) was founded to implement and manage a large scale biodiesel feedstock research center and Jatropha plantation. It has reached an agreement with Mali Government for long term renewable rental of 10,000 hectares (25,000 acres) in the Kouli Koro Region, Banamba City, Agriculture Private Zone. PetrOtech Mali will produce feedstock for the biodiesel industry from Jatropha seeds and initially sell that feedstock to the EU countries, the US and to support the Biodiesel facility in Egypt.

Addresses of PetrOtech-ffn

PetrOtech-ffn, Inc Headquarter
730 Barnstable Road Hyannis, MA. 02601 USA.
(508) 437-8555 Fax (508) 437-7774.

PetrOtech-ffn, Egypt
4 miles before Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel Road, Milk producer’s village Suez Egypt


PetrOtech-ffn, Agro Mali
Avenue OUA
- Immeuble Oumar Bah
Mali - Tel: 223-279-6439

PetrOtech- Sales Office.

Via Piero Portaluppi 17, 20138 Milano - Italy
+39 02 58013396 Fax: +39 02 58013381