"PetrOtech-ffn, Egypt"

Management Board


Chairman: Dr. Ali Loutfi; Dr. Loutfi, now on the faculty of the economics department of Ain Shams University, was formerly Prime Minister of Egypt (1985-6) and prior to that was Minister of Finance (1978-80). Currently he is the speaker of the Shoura Assembly-the Egyptian Senate.

President & CEO: Medhat Salyh; Mr. Salyh was born in Egypt and has citizenship in each of the United States and Egypt. He is a graduate of Helwan University. He had been a senior advisor at AA Trading Company, management consultant with a focus on the petroleum business. Prior to that he was with a non profit from 1989 to 1998. He was chief financial officer of Interlite International Inc., a multi-national petrochemicals company.

Chief Technology Officer: Dr. Mohammad I. Abdel-Hamid; Dr. Abdel-Hamid, received his Ph.D. in 1992 (Phytoplankton and Water Quality) from Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Oslo, Norway. He is an Associate Professor, Applied Phycology and Water Quality at Mansoura University, Egypt.



1- Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammad I. Abdel-Hamid, Ph.D., Applied Phycology

2- Prof. Dr. Yahia Abdul.Fattah Azab, Ph.D., Algal Chemotaxonomy

3- Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Abdel-Mogeib, Ph.D., Chemistry of Natural Products

4- Dr. Mervat H. Hussin, Ph.D., Algal Physiology

5- Dr. Ibrahim M. El-Sherbiny, Ph.D., Applied Polymer Chemistry

6- Dr. Elsayed M. A. Nafea, Ph.D., Plant Ecology

7- Dr. El-Sayed E. Hafez, Ph.D., Genetic Engineering

8-.Dr. Essam Mostafa Abd El-Kader, Ph.D., Plant Tissue Culture (Jatropha)

9- Dr. Abo El-Kheer B. E. Abo El-Kheer, Ph.D., Mass Culture of Microalgae

10- Mr. Fawaz Agizah, M.Sc., Ph.D. Student; Petrochemistry

11- Ms. Eman I. A. Ibrahim, M.Sc., Ph.D. Student; Algal Hydrocarbon Biofuel

12- Mr. Abdel-Nasser S. M. Ali, B.Sc. (Botany/Chemistry)

13- Ms. Marwa Nashat El-Shaer, B.Sc. (Chemistry), Postgraduate Diploma, (Biochemistry)

14 - Mr. Ahmad K. M. Wally, B.Sc., M.Sc. Student; Animal Nutrition


Technician and Assistants

1- Mr. Amr A. A. Badewy, (Engineer) 

2- Mr. Mohamed Nafeaa, LIS, Secretary 


Students and Trainees

1- Ms. Esraa M. Fakhr Eldeen, B.Sc. (Botany/Chemistry), M.Sc. Student; Algal Mass Culture

2- Ms. Nora A. Erfan, B.Sc. (Botany/ Chemistry), M.Sc. Student; Algal Pharmaceuticals

3- Ms. Basma A. Y. Shukr, B.Sc. (Botany), M.Sc. Student; Phycopolymers

4- Ms. Dina A. Refaay, B.Sc. (Botany/Chemistry), M.Sc. Student; Diatom Biodiesel