Mission Statement

PetrOtech’s primary goal is to become an international leader in supplying safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and highly competitive renewable biofuels. Eventually we hope to produce not only biofuel feedstock but also biodiesel, jet fuel and bioethanol.

Our development of microalgae based biofuel will utilize only a tiny fraction of the acreage currently required for conventional biofuel crops such as corn, soybeans, rapeseed, sugar and oil palm, thus avoiding negative impact on traditional sources of food supply. Similarly, our extraction of biofuel from Jatropha seeds will also produce cheaper biodiesel feedstock and fertilizers which will assist local farmers to grow more food. Moreover, it will help supplying them with a substitute for imported petroleum.

Our proprietary equipment, systems and processes can be utilized allover the world for microalgae based biofuels and also for organic animal feed for cattle, poultry and fish. In all these endeavors, we intend to create many more jobs especially in poor economies where they are most needed.

Potential pillars of PetrOtech-ffn Company’s mission include, but not limited to;

*            To be known and trusted by our customers

*            To achieve international standards of excellence in all aspects of activities

*            To attain leadership in developing, adopting and assimilating state-of-the-art technology for competitive advantage.

*            To provide technology and services through sustained Research and Development

*            To foster a culture of participation and innovation for employee growth and contribution

*            To cultivate high standards of business ethics and Total Quality Management for a strong corporate identity and brand equity

*            To help enrich the quality of life of the community and preserve ecological balance and heritage through a strong environment conscience