• A/ Prof. Dr. Mohamed I. Abdel-Hamid (CTO) had attended the 5th SETAC World Congress, 37 August 2008, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney,  Australia. His poster title: Assessment of spatial recovery of toxic industrial effluent using algal bioassay, changes in algal communities, and chemical characteristics.



  •   Visit of Mr. Giovanni Venturini Del Greco, the founder and the manager of Agroils S.r.l. Company, Italy (9th July, 2008).

Giovanni Venturini Del Greco is the General Manager of Agroils S.r.l. and the founder of Agroils. Giovanni holds a degree in Industrial Engineering in the University of Florence and he has attended a Master in Industrial Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden.

In 2004 he with Nykomb Synergetics SA he worked at the development of a the first Biodiesel from Jatropha project in Ghana. In 2005 after an experience as Project Manager for a small-scale Jatropha project in Tanzania with Engineers Without Borders, he joined D1 Oils plc in Johannesburg and took part in the development of the first integrated Jatropha biofuel chain in Africa. During 2006 he has been working as biofuels consultant for various int. companies as D1 Oils plc, Actelios SpA (Falck Group), Merloni Progetti SpA and EOne Srl. At the end of 2006 Giovanni started Agroils Srl as the first biofuels consulting company with a special focus on innovative biofuel feedstocks such Jatropha and microalgae.


  • Visit of Professor David R.K. Harding, Director of the Centre for Separation Science, Chemistry, IFS, Massey University, New Zealand (12 May, 2008)


  • Visit to the Hawamdia Factory of Sugar and Integrated Industries (Tuesday 17/4/2008). This visit aimed to know more about the industrial production of ethyl alcohol in one of the greatest factories of sugar and integrated industries in Egypt. The visitor R&D team includes; Dr Mervat H. Hussein, Dr. Saied Hafez, Mr Abdel Nasser Sabry and Mr Ahmad E. Mabrouk.


  • Visit of Mrs. Emy ..(USA) in accompany of Mr Medy Saleh (20 January, 2008).



  • Visit of an Italian team  (Mr. Paulo & Mrs. Alexandra),  Wednesday, 26 September, 2007.



  • Founding the Research and Development (R&D) Center, Mansoura, Egypt