Organic Fertilizers


Back to the nature is a sound and very attractive sentence entailing potential benefits for humans and environment as well. The use of organic fertilizers is a functional way for protecting the environment and public health. Accordingly, the R&D team shed its activity to include the production of highly fertile organic fertilizers from solid wastes generated from any industrial activity of PetrOtech-ffn, Egypt.

Some laboratory and field experiments were carried out to evaluate the significance of PTFFN-EG-P002 press cake (the solid organic residue matter left after press extraction of oil) as organic fertilizer. The figure and images below summarize the experimental work and the results of laboratory investigations.



Field experiments were carried out at a newly reclaimed soil, mostly sandy, located in Nubaria SW Alexandria. In field trials, a variety of field crops including vegetables and fruit plants have been used as test crops. PTFFN-EG-P002 press cake was used either alone -as a solid powder or as aqueous extract- or in combination with other additives.

It should be mentioned that most of plant growth parameters were visually inspected, and no accurate quantitative measurements were applied. This was due to the preliminary scope of the field experiments which were mainly conducted to see whether or not the waste residue of PTFFN-EG-P002 press cake can induce noticeable improvement of growth and crop yield of some economic Egyptian plants. Hints about the field work and results are summarized below.