1-  Production of biodiesel from agro-waste products. (EGP; Patent No. 2008050-847- pending).



1-The present invention discloses that the oil obtained from a widely available agrowaste product in Egypt is suitable feedstock of biodiesel. Oil of flaked seeds was extracted with n-hexane and was used for a bench-scale production of biodiesel through alkali-catalyzed methanol transesterification process. Both physical and chemical properties of the produced biodiesel conform to both European (DIN EN 14214) and US (ASTM 6751 - 02) standards of biodiesel.

2- Novel formulas of totally organic animal feed from microalgae and plants (EGP; Patent No. 2008050-846- pending).



Scientific laboratory investigations proved that some freshwater microalgae, wild plants, and agro-waste products are excellent renewable feedstock of totally organic animal feed. The chemical analysis revealed that most of these research materials were rich in crude proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids with high levels of metabolized energy. One plant material was exceptionally rich in vitamin E. Freshwater microalgae were rich in chlorophylls in addition to antioxidants particularly beta carotenes. Intensive laboratory and animal feeding investigation are currently carried out to produce different blends of totally organic animal feeds for poultry, rumen animals, and fishes.